Online Application Fee Estimate

In the event that the IAC office closes due to the COVID-19 mitigation efforts, IAC is committed and prepared to continue all operations while the IAC staff works remotely. The IAC staff will continue to process applications and provide assistance to customers during regular business hours. If possible, we encourage applicant facilities to pay for fees via credit card or ACH in the Online Accreditation portal, as this will enable faster processing in the event that IAC is temporarily prevented from receiving mailed checks. If you have concerns or questions about submitting an application fee, please call our main line at (800) 838-2110 or email .

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You have elected to use the Expedited Application Review Process

Expedited Review Terms and Conditions: Expedited application processing assures only that a complete application submission from the entity seeking accreditation will be processed and an accreditation decision rendered within seven weeks. This process does not guarantee accreditation will be granted within seven weeks. The facility is solely responsible for the completeness, accuracy and quality of the application submission as well as, providing information that demonstrates adherence to the division standards. If upon review of the application substantial adherence to the standards has not been met or required information is missing, the applicant facility will be required to provide additional information or undergo an onsite inspection documenting adherence to the standards prior to being granted accreditation.

Echo, Vascular, and Nuclear facilities must have no more than ten sites to be eligible to apply for the expedited application review process.

MR and CT applicants must have no more than ten pieces of equipment to be eligible to apply for the expedited application review process.

All fees are non-refundable regardless of the accreditation decision outcome.

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